Tyra Sanchez: Tiara Snatch

Newly crowned the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Tyra Sanchez talks big breasts, Beyoncé, and her dream of becoming America’s next drag avatar.



DRAG RACE TYRA SANCHEZ X390 (MATHU ANDERSEN) | ADVOCATE.COMYou were often portrayed as the villain of the season. Did you ever feel unfairly edited, or do you take full responsibility for your bitchiness?
Everything you saw on the show happened exactly the way it happened at that time. Of course some key points were left out — apologies that were made or when we made up — but everything that happened on the show happened.

Did you worry that being viewed as a difficult by the other girls might affect the judging?
No, I didn’t. It actually worked out in my favor because it showed that the girls were afraid of me and that they were jealous. For them to bring all that to the judges at elimination helped me out a lot. I could be like, OK, I’m going to prove that what you’re saying is not true.

Were you heartbroken that you didn’t win Miss Congeniality too?
No, I was not.

You spoke in the reunion special about how you much you had grown, changed, and matured since the show filmed. How did that personal evolution happen in such a short time?
Well, it’s been almost a year now. I’m still the same person, but my sweet side has been amplified.

During a reading challenge, the girls gave you shade about your grill. Has your shiny new smile boosted your confidence and therefore improved your attitude?
No, my confidence has always been here. I just know that appearance is like 65% of my career. A beautiful inside should always come first, but you should have a beautiful outside to match because looking at that makes people live and like you.

Winning this competition positions you as a role model for the gay community, particularly aspiring young drag queens and especially young African-American drag queens. Do you feel prepared for that responsibility, and would you like to use your new fame to promote good causes?
Yes, but younger drag queens have always looked up to me and asked for my help. If anyone needs me to perform for a benefit to raise money for a cause, I’m all for it.

The Rihanna number — a “Hard”-“Rude Boy” mash-up — you performed at the finale party was amazing. It’s a shame that none of the contestants get to show off those kind of signature club numbers on the show.
I think that should be a challenge on the next season. You should get to choose from a list of songs that you normally do back home and perform that, because you’re right — you don’t get to see that side of us that you see in the clubs.

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