Gay-Straight Brother Alliance Wins



AMAZING RACE GROUP X390 (CBS) | ADVOCATE.COMBumping up to first class and in line at airport—how did you come up with those ideas?
Dan: The cut in line was really a nonissue — all things being equal, we probably wish that we hadn’t done it. Jet has been very vocal about his dislike for homosexuals, and quite frankly, we’re trying to play a game for a million dollars, and it goes both ways, and Cord distracted me while we were doing the digital computer challenge.
Jordan: It was game-changing for us to move up to first class — it gave us a 15-minute lead. At the end of the day, it’s a game for a million dollars; you’ve got to make moves in the final leg, so we tried to make those moves.

What would you say was the most difficult thing you had to do in the race?
Jordan: For me the most difficult thing in the race was definitely the Singapore Flyer [the world’s largest observation wheel, on which they had to exit their capsule at the highest point, then crawl across a beam to the next capsule]. I realized I had quite the fear of heights, I was shaking and sweating, 541 feet in the air — getting past my nerves and actually completing that was definitely the most difficult thing for me.
Dan: For me the most difficult part was just really not getting a lot of sleep. I can’t sleep on planes, and such a large percentage of the sleep on The Amazing Race you’re supposed to get on planes, because we’re not always in hotels.

And what was the most fun thing?
Dan: The Seychelles was probably our favorite place, but my favorite leg was probably Hamburg, Germany, with soccer, bungee jumping, and drinking the beer out of the boot, which was kind of fun, and to be in Hamburg on a Saturday night — it was a hoppin’ place.
Jordan: Definitely the leg that was most fun for me was in France when we got to do the World War I reenactment. I’m a fan of the costumes and stuff. It’s fun, it’s like we can laugh at ourselves, we are crawling in the dirt, Daniel and I had some playful interactions, and it’s actually my favorite memory in the race. I’m so glad they captured that and showed it a few times. When am I ever again going to be crawling in the trenches of Verdun, France? The answer is never. It’s just cool to be able to do that.

What are your plans for the money?
Dan: We both agreed we’re gonna pay our taxes, for sure, and then save and invest the rest.

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