Son of Sunset

BY Neal Broverman

May 18 2010 12:40 PM ET


Were you involved in show business
like your mom?

Yes. When I was 9, I was in the Metropolitan Opera
children's chorus, and then she got me enrolled in a theatrical school.
So, with that we used to have a, what they call the young vaudevillian
troupe, where we'd go to the Catskills and the Jersey Shore and
different places in Long Island and the City. A whole group of teens and
pre-teens would put on this vaudeville show. It was wonderful and I did
that until about 17, 18.

Do you
live in Surprise?

No, I live 67.3 miles from my mother's house. I
live in Chandler and work in Scottsdale.

What kind of clients do you have at your

I have clients from toddler to seniors, men and women,

From your experiences
in Surprise, are the seniors as gay-friendly as your mom?

ones I met, yes. I haven't encountered anyone being uncomfortable.

It looked like your
mom managed to have fun at the gay rodeo.

Much to her surprise she did have a good time. I didn't really know what
to expect; she was more concerned with the treatment of the animals
more than anything else. But once she saw that they were cared for, she
was fine. She really enjoyed herself. 

Do you think you'll ever convince
your mom to change her hairstyle?

She'll have that hairstyle
until she dies. That's her signature.

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