Housewife Jill on the Reunion and Girls




Speaking of being an advocate, I heard you were involved in an HIV PSA.
It hasn't aired yet. Listen, I have never said no to my gay friends. I have a lot.

Maybe that's why you're always turned out. Have you
always been stylish?

I appreciate the compliment. I definitely have my own style. I've
definitely taken risks. Some [outfits] work. Some don't. I love fashion. And I have a lot of fun with it. In the finale,
at LuAnn's concert, did you notice I was wearing a pocketbook that
lights up?

I do remember that. I loved what you were
wearing when you and LuAnn were walking in Central Park.

You know Sonja wore the same dress in another scene, but it looks so
different. It wasn't my dress, she had bought the same one. And she
looked so different in it that nobody picked up on that.

Tell me
about the reunion. Did it really take eight hours to tape?


From clips, it looks tense.
There were
definitely highs and lows. There were peaks and valleys. I'm not sure, but I think it might
actually turn into three episodes. It was so fraught with drama. I
don't know how it it's edited, I just hope my
voice comes through.

And speaking of editing, do you think
you were accurately portrayed this year?

That's a hard
question to answer. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. The problem is
that you only see 14 episodes and 44 minutes each episode. And we shot
thousands of hours. I shot 85 scenes. And a lot of them made the cutting
room floor. Some
of them are on There are some really cute scenes with me
and [her daughter] Allyson preparing for college essays. One of Allyson studying. But
those are the sweet scenes I think audiences needed. They needed a
breather. If I had my choice, of course, I'd
put more things on of my family, because my family, I think, is the
better part of me. You know, I always get stuck when I'm put in an
uncomfortable situation. Everybody handles stress differently. I
do it by running away.

It's funny because when I said to Bethenny, "We're done," I didn't really mean we're done, I just meant we're done
right now. It's just an expression; we all have our little idiosyncrasies. I
just don't handle stress well. I don't fight with people. I have a very
large group of friends and family and acquaintances, and you know, I'm a
connector, and I meet a lot of people, and I don't have conflict in my
life. And the word toxic comes up a lot. Anyone who's toxic I don't want
to be around. Because, listen, I don't know if I'm going to live the
next hour. I don't know what's gonna happen to me. But as long as the
time I have on this earth, I want to be positive, doing good and being a
good person, and sometimes when you get drawn in, you have to
connect to people who you don't necessarily get along with.

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