Housewife Jill on the Reunion and Girls




I think what's interesting about the show is that, at least currently, there's little about the men and the husbands.
It was more about these friendships between people, specifically women, and
sometimes they work and sometimes they explode.

And I'll tell you something, I think that
everybody's had things they're embarrassed about or done things they
think they could have done better or differently. A lot
of people judge the show that way and are really thinking of themselves and how they'd act.

They say when you cry it's a selfish emotion. You feel sorry for yourself to a certain extent. I did cry [at times] because I felt bad for myself; things went not the way I wanted them to go. I have no control over what people do and say. If I put my my foot in my mouth — which is why I was cast on the show, because I'm unfiltered — I hope for forgiveness. Everyone should be entitled to be forgiven. Some of the housewives don't have forgiveness. Or selective forgiveness. They'll forgive one person but not another.

How are you and Bethenny doing? Have you seen the baby?
No. I don't know what the future will hold. I wish her good luck on her new show and only the best for her. She said in the past that she did everything she could on Housewives and felt there's nothing more she could do on the show. I sort of have similar feelings in terms of what else can we do. So I'm glad she found something she could do. Now I need to find a hobby [laughs]. There's a lot of good things I'm working on. My book is the best thing that I've gotten out of the show — being able to work on it and promote it with my family. I'm also a guest cohost on LX New York, which is a daily talk show. The best thing was the AIDS Walk. Somebody who had AIDS, had it for two years and didn't tell anybody, went public with it and wanted do something about it. He reached out to me because of the show and asked me to be the forefront person of the group, and I did it. He thought he'd raise $4,000, and we raised $80,000. If I can make money for gay organizations and AIDS, I've done my job. I was honored to be asked to speak at one of the recent Human Rights Campaign events in New York City, and I'm working on their National Coming Out Day, which commences on October 11. Most of the housewives are involved [with gay causes]. I'm pro-gay rights and gay marriage. Everyone should be treated equally and fairly.

I don't have a segue, but how is Kelly?
The funny thing is that the time to be worried for her was when she come back from St. John in November. She's completely recovered. I wasn't in St. John as a witness, but [the women ganged up] on me. It was mean girls, it was high school. There was no reason to ask me to leave [the house in St. John]. I was there with an open heart and to make peace. It was ridiculous that Ramona said if I had only walked in a different way [it would have been better]. I walked in and said how everything was beautiful. What else could I have said to make it better? That was their reaction to bad behavior. They tried to defend the fact that they threw me out and had good reason — they had no good reason. I didn't throw Simon out when he came to my home, when I first met them and he crashed my dinner party. I didn't throw him out at Saks Fifth Avenue when he was the only man to show up; my husband wasn't even there. It was a woman's event, but he thought he would make drama by showing up and it would be part of the show. I wouldn't do that; I'm an inclusive person. They have their motives, but you'd have to ask them what they were.

Were you surprised by Alex's reaction at seeing you in St. John? She was literally shaking.
I wasn't surprised, I was hurt. She had already delivered that hurtful message. Nothing that Alex did made sense. I apologized to her at Saks; she invited me to her house and we had a lovely time. I saw her kids and we played; they're adorable. Then I go to the fashion show [at Brooklyn Fashion Week] and mind you, I may have said something that was taken the wrong way. She thinks I called her ugly. I didn't call her ugly, I said she didn't look like a model. She's not a model, so I don't why that's so offensive. But she didn't even know about that until April. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Ramona at the fashion show, but I said goodbye to her and Kelly. And then the next time I saw her, she delivered that message. Out of nowhere, she decided she was angry at me about things that happened a year ago. I thought we resolved it. And yet she forgave Bethenny for all the things she said and she forgave Ramona for all the horrendous things she had done to her for two years. Then it became two groups: the Bethenny group and the Jill group. And I really did nothing wrong to her and I had nothing against Alex at the time.

It must have been hurtful when Alex told you in front of everyone that Bethenny was through with your friendship.

It did hurt. I cried a lot over that. When she tried to talk to me at Sonja's house, Bobby had come over to me and said, "I spoke to Alex. She's not going to apologize." Once he told me that, I didn't want to talk to her because I knew she wasn't going to apologize. The way I handle things is I don't want to deal with them. So I run away. I went to St. John to make peace, and if I did that, it would have hurt Alex. Because if I made up with Bethenny, then Alex would feel threatened. Alex feels if she has Bethenny all to herself and keeps her from me, it gives her a place on the show.

There was talk you might not be back for season 4.
That's coming from me. First off, Bravo hasn't asked anyone back yet. They haven't even decided if they're picking up the show again. They have a lot more shows coming — [The Real Housewives of] Beverly Hills, D.C., I think there's one in Miami. Atlanta and Jersey are coming back. For me, the show has been exhausting. I want to come back if it's going to be fun; I don't want to fight. 

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