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It was also a great night for The Bold and the Beautiful. TV's only half-hour soap was victorious in both the Drama Series and writing categories. All My Children’s much-maligned Reese and Bianca same-sex wedding episode — the one with the vows being said while runaway Greenlee is on a motorcycle and gets driven off the road by an upset Kendall and Zach (because Zach kissed Reese the night before her wedding to Bianca) — was somehow nominated as well, for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

Thank God, B&B’s head writer Brad Bell’s dying with dignity episodes featuring 2010’s star of the year, 88-year-old Betty White, defeated the worst misstep in same-sex soap story line history. In the pressroom Bell was elated and said, “This was an incredible story that came to life with Betty White. And this is the first time in her legendary career that she died on television. I feel honored to have her do this for us.”

B&B recently had the soap jaw-dropper of the year when in a case of mistaken identity, young hottie Oliver — played by Emmy nominee Zack Conroy — “accidentally” had sex with his girlfriend Hope’s much older, sexy mother, Brooke, played by Katherine Kelly Lang. Think White Party: masks, people wearing the same outfit, thumping music, drugs, booze, and doing it pressed up against a wall in front of everybody. This sound familiar? Well, the now-notorious scene — which we lovingly call in soapland “The Party Boink” — had many of us abuzz in the pressroom. So, we had to ask the award-winning Bell, why he chose to have this startling hookup. “It started with me hearing the music of Daddy Yankee [who performed on the episodes], and then my mind started going to demented places. I was so happy and it felt so good. I thought if we could have an accidental act that would come out of it and drop some jaws, that would be great. Then Brooke, lo and behold, had an off night.” [Laughs]

So where were soap’s sexiest studs on Emmy night? B&B’s Brandon Beemer’s gal, Days of Our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin, told me what she thinks of her man when he does all those sexy photo spreads: “I look at him and I admire, and I think he is doable, and I say that every day.” Beemer (pictured) replied, “I am doable after a lot of Photoshop.”After  which Bjorlin clarified, “I don’t think there has ever been a picture of Brandon that needs to be Photoshopped — it doesn’t need to be.” Enough said.

Nadia was my special Emmy fashion contributor. You can read her Emmy fashion trend report and see a gallery of fashional babes and studs on my website.

However, my favorite red carpet quip of the night came from my pal, Days of Our Lives’ Galen Gering (Rafe). When asked how he was feeling tonight. Galen exclaimed, “You know, I am looking down, and I had my appendix taken out a month ago. I thought I was supposed to have dissolvable stitches. So I am looking down and I am going, ‘I still have six stitches in there.’ So if anyone knows a good malpractice lawyer, I am shopping for one right now.”

But the gent who stood tall among the rest was As the World Turns’ sensational Michael Park, who after 13 years as heroic Jack Snyder received his long-overdue Emmy. With Park in tears, the pressroom in cheers, it was truly the moment of the night. And oh, how bittersweet. Park, along with Van Hansis, Jake Silbermann, Eric Sheffer Stevens, and others, finished taping the final episodes of As the World Turns just three days prior to the Emmys.

As for all the parties, debauchery, and sin with the soapers, I attended parties at Club Mix at Mandalay Bay, the Palazzo, and my favorite, at Wynn’s Tryst Nightclub, thrown by the Bells, Maria and Brad, for their shows Y&R and B&B. And as they say, that has got to be the end of my Emmy report, because “What happens in Vegas ... stays in Vegas.” You can see some party pics here.

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