Warren the Ape Comes Out



Take one fabricated American (who happens to be an ape), throw him into the world of gay culture, and watch what he'll do to get ahead in show business. In Monday night's episode of MTV's new faux-reality show Warren the Ape, Warren goes gay to resuscitate his fledgling acting career. Already in addiction counseling with Dr. Drew Pinsky (a series regular), Warren tries to put one over on the good doc and Access Hollywood’s Nancy O’Dell, who also appears in the episode. Perez Hilton also pops up in a pivotal cameo doing what Perez does best: “blabbing all to the world!”

The Advocate caught up with Warren the Ape’s co-creator, producer, writer, and star, Dan Milano (pictured), for this look at how coming out of the closet in Hollywood can actually boost your career... or can it?

The Advocate: Warren the Ape is actually a spin-off of your original series, Greg the Bunny, on Fox. How did Warren come to get his own show?
Dan Milano: After the Fox series was canceled, there was nothing for us for a while till 2010, when we spun Warren off into his own show. And the premise of the show is, Warren the Ape’s sitcom was canceled in 2001, which it was, and he turned to drugs and alcohol. Dr. Drew Pinsky is his therapist, and he is trying desperately to put his life back together. It’s obviously fantasy, but basing it on as much truth as possible, because the sitcom was real. We are trying to mirror what has happened to us over the years, except making Warren a fictional character.

I think what’s interesting — as with gay men, there are certain “labels” that Warren does not like either.
Yes, that is right. He is a person of fabric. They don’t like being called “Sox.” One of the points I did want to make about Warren is that labels don’t matter. Warren is a passionate individual with a veracious appetite, whether he is drunk or sober. He is just promiscuous, and that is the only label you can put on him.

So, why the gay angle for this episode?
We have depicted Warren as “straight,” but in this episode his being seen as homosexual by the media is a ploy for attention. He would be the first person to say that Neil Patrick Harris was a faker. That somehow, this was his ticket to making headlines. We think it’s an ironic twist because we know there was a time in Hollywood when it was quite the opposite, where every male actor wanted to be seen as heterosexual. Literally, in our episode, when Warren was younger he made a gay porno. It’s not something he is particularly ashamed of, but he doesn’t think it is good for his career. So when Perez Hilton outs him in the episode, it’s a big moment.



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