Pandora Boxx: Miss Popular

School’s back in session for Pandora Boxx, who’s graduated from a fan favorite on RuPaul’s Drag Race to a professor on RuPaul’s Drag U.



PANDORA BOXX 2 X390 (BEATRICE NEUMANN) | ADVOCATE.COMCritics of Drag Race have complained that humor and personality seem to take a backseat to feminine realness and glamour. Does a funny girl have a chance on season 3?
A funny girl has a chance to shine, but I don’t know about winning. They do tend to lean more toward runway model fashionistas for Drag Race, but you can watch any reality show to see that the winner isn’t always the one who comes out shining.

Following your elimination, Entertainment Weekly put your picture on their Bullseye and wrote, “Pandora Boxx, in our hearts you are America’s Next Drag Superstar... even if RuPaul doesn't think so.” After that kind of public outrage, did it almost seem better that you didn’t win?
It really did. I was glad I got kicked off when I did. Especially after I did my Carol Channing impersonation, I got a lot of emails and positive responses from people who just loved it. I knew my elimination was coming, of course, so I was hoping people would be upset, but I had no idea just how angry people would get over it. It was an amazing, overwhelming feeling that people cared enough to write hate mail to Logo. And to get on the Bullseye in Entertainment Weekly? I mean, I don’t think the winner got on the Bullseye.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing you and some of your other competitors perform your signature club numbers, which blew me away more than anything I’d see from you on the show. Should Drag Race allow contestants to showcase their own numbers?
It would be great, but I know that decision has a lot to do with copyright issues and costs. It would be great to formulate some kind of challenge that shows you exactly how talented these performers are. I’ve also got to see a lot of them live, and I always tell people to go out and see them if you get a chance.

After seeing your hilarious Britney Spears number at the Drag Race finale party in New York, I can tell that you’re attuned with and inspired by pop culture. What’s your current pop culture obsession?
I’m always obsessed with Lindsay Lohan because she gives me lots of material, and I should really put a Lindsay number together. But right now I’m really obsessed with Glee. I love downloading all the songs on iTunes and pretending I can sing really well. Hello, if anyone from Glee is reading, I would like to go on the show!

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