Bringing Down the House



Being locked in a house with 12 strangers for 62 days is no easy task. For gay Big Brother houseguest Ragan Fox, it meant a continuing battle with Las Vegas cocktail waitress Rachel, and a “showmance” with Matt, the straight Web designer from Chicago, who eventually threw him under the bus. Though he came in fifth place (Hayden, the handsome college student from Arizona, was crowned the winner in the finale) he still left with a check in his pocket for $20K. Now, free from the public eye, Ragan discusses his first night out of the house, his desire to be nude, and how he still plans on winning the game of Big Brother.

The Advocate: Congratulations on winning $20,000 for successfully sabotaging the house for two weeks, and not a single person suspected it was you. What do you plan on doing with the money?
Ragan Fox: Thank you! I have been saying I was either gonna get a BMW or a hybrid because I’m a ball of contradiction, and then I thought maybe I’ll get new living room furniture. Now I’m channeling my inner Suze Orman and thinking maybe I should apply this to my debt or student loans.

Some of the houseguests included an Italian from Jersey, a Texas oil rig salesman, and an Orthodox Jew from Miami. Living with such a diverse group of people from all over the country with different backgrounds and religions, was there any awkwardness or unease with the other houseguests regarding your sexuality that we may not have seen on TV?
Not at all, everyone was great. They never turned it into an issue. No one made me feel like the “gay guy” in the house. The only person who ever came at me and that I interpreted as homophobic was Rachel.

Well, I have to ask you about that memorable argument with Rachel (video below). She said things to you like, “You’re not even good at being gay,” “Do you have to be the biggest bitch because you’re gay?” and to “Go grab your tiara and be a fucking queen.”

Yeah, those are the three things that made it to the CBS show, but there were actually a string of other homophobic comments that she made, where basically in the heat of an argument, things would always come back to me being gay.

Well, it ended up making Rachel this season’s “love to hate” villain. Which I guess makes you a hero for the way you stood up to her. In an interview after the finale she claims she tried to reach out and apologize, and that she was going to write you an apology letter. Do you think you’ll ever forgive her?
There’s just an issue with sincerity when it comes to her apology. I’m always willing to accept them, but I do it from a cautious place and from a place of a bit of cynicism. ’Cause if someone apologizes to you repeatedly for their behavior but does nothing to correct their behavior, it becomes very difficult to accept that person’s apology.

Enzo cast the deciding vote on Wednesday’s finale (video below). You have some history with him in your last veto competition, where you lost in the final round, which we’ll call the “Battle for the Brendrew.” How do you think the game would have changed if you beat Enzo?

I think that I would have won the game. It’s not to take away from how intelligent I think the final four were. I just really studied my butt off in the last couple of weeks in the house. I was spending at least five hours a day in seclusion, studying. And I knew if it came down to any competition that involved house knowledge, a puzzle, or an endurance competition, that I would be almost unbeatable. Now, having said that, when we saw the DV on how Hayden performed in the final four competitions, I was really impressed. I think he would have given me a run for my money and perhaps would have beaten me. To me, what would have been more compelling, actually, is not if I would have won the competition, but if Britney would have done more campaigning for me to get Lane to flip his vote and we broke up the Brigade Alliance and ending up becoming an alliance of three.

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