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SIGOURNEY WEAVER 4 X390 | ADVOCATE.COMBesides Prayers, which other films of yours most resonate with gay audiences? The Advocate’s news editor told me he wakes up each morning wishing he were Katharine Parker.
[Laughs] Wow! Well, certainly Working Girl. Katharine was a delicious character. I also think Heartbreakers is a lot of fun. I have a wonderful film coming out in the spring called Paul, which is a love letter to comic-con geeks. The lead characters are played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and they pick up a little alien. Even though they’re not gay per se, for some reason it’s a movie devoted to people who are different and it’s certainly not about the conventional male hero. I play a Katharine Parker–like person in that. Jeffrey was a wonderful movie written by the very talented Paul Rudnick.

Have you ever been asked to play a gay character?
You know I haven’t. We were watching The Kids Are All Right and they did a very good job. I hope someone does ask me to play a gay character or a part of a couple one of these days. I would welcome the opportunity.

There’s a project you’ve been attached to for a while that has potential appeal for gay audiences. What’s the status of your film about Gypsy Rose Lee?
We were at HBO, and when Colin Callender [the president of HBO’s films division] left, they threw out everything that was period because it’s expensive. But I’ve been so busy — I have seven movies coming out next year — so I fear I’ve dropped the ball a little bit on Gypsy, but it’s a wonderful project and I have to get back to it.

There's a resemblance between you two. You’re the ideal actress to play her.
Oh, you’re very kind. She was an extraordinary woman. She was so filled with love and class and strength. Everybody needs a little Gypsy in their lives because she was such a tonic. She really was about being proactive.

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