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SIGOURNEY WEAVER 1 X390 | ADVOCATE.COMYou've had an incredibly illustrious career. Do you ever just stop and look back at what you've accomplished?
I never do that. I always think, Where am I going to get my next job? Maybe one day I’ll have the ability to look back like that. I just feel so incredibly fortunate that I’ve been able to work with so many great directors on such great material with wonderful actors and work all over the world. I’ve really been able to do this by ignoring what Hollywood is looking for, which is never someone who is six feet tall and athletic-looking. I’ve been able to carve my own career and make choices that have meant a lot to me. I also have wonderful agents who found this project for me. I’d never done television, and I was apprehensive because I’d heard you have to work so fast. But it was no faster than an independent film.

The film was obviously a labor of love, and here you are still being asked about it two years later.
It was really exhilarating because everyone working on the film had a family member or a close friend or someone in their community who they wanted to dedicate their work to in this movie. I’ve been incredibly fortunate, and I love what I do. For me to meet Mary Griffith and talk to her about her story and do this work with our wonderful producers and our cast and tell Mary’s story — it was a kind of journey that a normal person doesn’t get to go on. We got to inhabit that world, as scary as it was. They trusted us with such a great story, and it was an honor to do it. I’m so pleased it’s finally coming out on DVD because I think it can speak to a lot of people.

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