Dan Byrd: A for Pay

The Cougar Town star opens up about playing a bullied gay high school student in the hit teen comedy Easy A.



DAN BYRD 3 X390 | ADVOCATE.COMOh, please. Your show needs all the viewers it can get.
OK, you’re right. Well, the word on the street is that Kevin, Travis’s roommate at college, has two dads that will be introduced at some point. We’ve actually talked about it for a couple of different episodes, but it never made it in. So I don’t know how or when they’re going to do it, but that’s something to look forward to.

In an early episode of season 1, Travis pretends to come out of the closet to Grayson, his neighbor, just to screw with the guy’s head. For a minute I thought Travis might really be gay, but he seems to genuinely like the ladies.
Yeah, that’s the situation. But to be honest, when I was first reading that script, I didn’t know where they were going with that either. If they ever decide to make Travis gay, that would be fine too.

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but some shirtless screen shots of you from Cougar Town have been posted on a number of gay blogs — particularly ones of you standing beside a shirtless Nick Zano. How do you feel about that attention?
It’s an honor and a privilege, but I think the gay blogs can do better. It’s a sad commentary on where the gay blogs are right now if I’m a part of them. The only reason they probably kept me in the picture is to make Nick Zano look even better. You get to see how hot Nick Zano really is when you put him next to me. 

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