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Josh Rosenzweig heats up the here! TV clubhouse as host of the new variety chatfest Just Josh.



Formerly half of here! With Josh and Sara, Josh Rosenzweig puts his enthusiastic gay spin on the talk show format when the biweekly Just Josh premieres January 28 on here! TV and here! Online. Discussing some memorable celebrity encounters, the pop culture maven explains that while you can take the host out of the studio, you can’t take the Hebrew school drama geek out of the host. What sets Just Josh apart and why should we tune in?
Josh Rosenzweig: The show is really just a direct reflection of who I am. It follows my crazy interests from the ridiculous to the sublime, and hopefully it’s just fun and funny and will make people fall in love with the people, places, and things that I love.

After the success of your last show, here! With Josh and Sara, why did you decide to go solo?
Well, in all honesty, we had done over 200 shows together, and I was kind of burned out on it. But the producer, Eric Feldman, kept hocking me about doing another show. He saw something that really appealed to him, showed it to me, and I said, “OK, that looks fun. I can do that.”

So what happened to Sara Logue — is she OK?
People keep asking if I pulled some sort of Eve Harrington maneuver and got rid of her somehow, but Sara actually left to go to grad school. She’s safe and sound in Bloomington, Ind.

For Just Josh, who are some of the more interesting celebrities you’ve spoken to so far?
The show is really a mixed bag of things I love about New York City — people, restaurants, fun activities like two-stepping — but I have had the opportunity to chat with some really fun folks like Molly Shannon, Tabatha Coffey, Casey Spooner, and Joey Arias.

In talking with these people, what has surprised you most?
I was interviewing Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon of Duran Duran and I was surprised at how willing they were to goof off and play.

Is there a secret to making celebrity guests comfortable enough to open up to you?
I think it’s just my approach. I come in with a lot of energy, respect, and a genuine interest in chatting.

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