Aubrey O'Day: Bad Girl Gone Good?

Famously fired Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day attempts a solo comeback in her new reality series, All About Aubrey, and dishes all about her gay husbands and her issues with Perez Hilton and Josh Strickland.



AUBREY ODAY MAIN X390 (OXYGEN) | ADVOCATE.COMWhy didn’t you explain your original message instead of adopting a bisexual persona? On Chelsea Lately, for example, you said, “There’s no preference right now,” and that you’d be Portia de Rossi’s “girlfriend and slave.”
I’m very honest when it comes to answering questions, and I strongly feel everything I said, which is that I don’t like labels. But could I end up with a woman? I love the movie Chasing Amy, where the lesbian character basically tells Ben Affleck that she doesn’t need to be defined by one thing or by what she’s been told to want her whole life. You can find love, commitment, and your best friend in anyone, so why would I limit myself to a certain segment of the population? So I still stand by everything that I said. It wasn’t a ploy for attention.

Can you understand why it might have seemed disingenuous to some people at the time?
I do understand that we’re in a time where tons of young paparazzi-driven celebrities are running around with their sexuality all over the place, and everyone does little gimmicks to get attention. And I realize that I’m notoriously known for being an attention whore. But when the subject came up in interviews, I had to ask myself what I really felt. Did I only want to be with guys the rest of my life? If there was any doubt in my mind, I couldn’t say I was completely straight and that I only liked men. So I didn’t. Frankly, I don’t date a lot because I’m so work-oriented and so picky about opening my heart to anyone, so it wasn’t really a question I’d forced myself to answer before.

Will your attraction to women be addressed on your show?
I definitely go to lesbian bars, and you do see me kiss a girl on the show. You’ll see me exploring all kinds of options because I don’t want to limit myself. Sex with a male or sex with a female? For me, sex is really about love and trust. The best sex I ever had wasn’t with some hot, sexy guy. It was with somebody I loved.

Tell me about some of the gay people featured on All About Aubrey.
Well, I notoriously have my g-hubs, which are my gay husbands. My number one g-hub — I have to give them in order because they get very particular about it — is Jasen Kaplan, who’s a makeup artist-slash-fame whore. He’s one of my best friends, and I don’t love him any less because he loves the spotlight. He’s not for everybody, but none of my friends are. He and I have conversations about how he can make obnoxious choices just to be famous, which gives him a bad reputation and can reflect poorly on me. But he’s actually a very good guy with a kind heart, and I want to world to see him like that.

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