Aubrey O'Day: Bad Girl Gone Good?

Famously fired Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day attempts a solo comeback in her new reality series, All About Aubrey, and dishes all about her gay husbands and her issues with Perez Hilton and Josh Strickland.



AUBREY ODAY 4 X390 (OXYGEN) | ADVOCATE.COMWe also meet your hairstylist, Cesar Ramirez, and your choreographer, Gil Duldulao.
Yes, Gil is as real as it gets, and Cesar is a genius. If there’s anything you can say about my show, it’s that I have flawless hair.

Your dogs, Ginger and Mary Ann, might be the gayest thing on your show. I can sort of understand why you’d dye them pink and purple, but why did you give Mary Ann, a male dog, a girl’s name?
I chose the name Mary Ann as a “fuck you” to gender stereotypes.

You’re totally hoping for a gay son one day, aren’t you?
I do hope my kids are gay. I don’t say that to be some crazy, obnoxious gay supporter, but because there are so many gay kids who grew up with mothers who didn’t support them. When I hear about that from gay people, I just wish I could’ve been their mom. When I’m a mom, I will love and embrace my children no matter what. I don’t really follow rules or social norms; I just do what I feel. And I don’t judge others, because I don’t want to be judged. If everyone had that mentality, our world would be full of people who feel they have the potential to do anything. Gay kids wouldn’t feel like they have no option other than to kill themselves.

You’ll also sit down on your show with Perez Hilton, who hasn’t exactly been your biggest supporter. Do you blame him in part for your negative portrayal in the media?
I don’t blame anyone, because I made the decision to do me and deal with the consequences. I will say that he’s definitely portrayed me as a very pointless person, but I’m actually someone with a strong voice who is involved with tons of philanthropic projects. I stand up for great causes, I’ve educated myself to great lengths, and I have important things to say. I can be a force in making things better. But because he was so adamant in making me look like a pointless person, it muted my voice a bit, and that’s unfortunate. Instead of trying to make people to go away, we should want to see the best they have to offer.

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