Raja, Ooh La La

Newly crowned the third winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Raja opens up about her controversial Ru connection, her upcoming single, and her responsibility as a rebellious role model.



RAJA 3 X390 (LOGO) | ADVOCATE.COMHow will your win affect your day job as a makeup artist?
At this point I’ve been kept really busy as Raja, and it’s kind of a relief. At some point you just get a little tired of your job. I hope that it elaborates on my business in the long run, but right now I’m enjoying just doing the drag stuff. I’m having a blast.

Let’s play a game of “screw, marry, kill” with your fellow competitors. OK, go.
Screw Carmen Carrera, marry Delta Work, and kill Shangela.

That’s not much of a surprise considering how much you and Shangela butt heads this season. How is your relationship now that the competition is over?
Shangela and I are friends. I wouldn’t say that we’re good friends, just because our schedules are so different and we don’t get to hang out very much, but we are friends. I saw her last night and things were fine between us. What you saw on TV is all about us flexing our muscles in the confines of a competition. It’s nothing personal. I think Shangela is hysterical and brilliant.

Shangela’s “Halleloo” was the catchphrase of the season. In fact, if Raja lacked anything, it was a good catchphrase.
Shangela was smart because she really made people aware of “Halleloo.” I say “Sorry about it” a lot. “Whatever, girl, sorry about it.” That’s kind of my tagline right now, but there will be many more to come.

Years from now, when RuPaul’s Drag Race is in its umpteenth season, what will the drunken gay viewers who get together on Monday nights remember most about Raja?
I hope people remember me as being that edgy queen who really introduced the idea of genderfuck to the competition, and I hope that brings more of those types of queens onto the show. I hope the show does last a really long time, because one day I’d like to be a judge.

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