Max Adler: Closet Gleek

Will it get better for Dave Karofsky, or could Glee’s closeted bully still kill himself? Max Adler reveals what might be in store for his conflicted character next season — including the possibility of a love connection with Kurt Hummel.



MAX ADLER 1 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMOut of all the Glee boys, who do you think is Karofsky’s type?
Oh, man. This is a horrible question. [Laughs] I don’t know. I don’t know if he has a type, but it’s probably not a jock. I’d say that Dave is attracted to someone who’s more compassionate and tender. How do I put this? Dave would probably be the “guy” in the relationship between him and another guy. He would want a guy with a more effeminate, motherly quality.

Got it. We have words for that, Max. Karofsky’s a top.
[Laughs] I did not say that!

Has Dave ever hooked up with a guy on the sly?
I don’t think so. I think his kiss with Kurt was his very first encounter with a guy, which is what scared him. He’s been so shell-shocked since then, so I don’t think he’s ready to get out there and start hooking up with anybody just yet.

The poor guy must be ready to explode — figuratively and literally.
Exactly. I was curious about what was going to happen at the prom, because it would’ve been one heck of a time for him to come out. But I love how the writers have let it play out a little longer, because it would’ve been a little soon and abrupt for him to come out like that, especially in front of the whole student body. He’s totally ready to explode. I imagine him as this big inflated balloon before “Never Been Kissed,” but there was a small pinprick once that kiss happened, and now all the hot air is slowly escaping as he tries to close it up.

Let’s discuss the motivation behind that infamous kiss. Is Karofsky in love with Kurt, or was it just a impulse of horny desperation?
I think it was just curiosity. I can see Karofsky developing feelings for Kurt in the future, and there could possibly be a love story there, because that’s certainly not out of the cards. But at that point, Kurt was the only person he’s ever known who’s actually gay and out, so he just needed to see what it would feel like — what a man’s lips feel like and taste like. It was a curiosity kiss, and we’ll see if anything develops from that.

A lot of Glee fans out there would enjoy seeing Kurt and Karofsky hook up. Are you aware of the slash fan fiction category called Kurtofsky?
I’m aware. Chris [Colfer] and I have discussed this, and we’ve decided that Kurtofsky sounds like a mean, famous male Russian ballerina. In all honestly, I haven’t read any of it. I know it exists, but I don’t want to read it, because I don’t want it to influence anything I’m doing on the show. But I am very aware, and I find it amusing. If people are still thinking about the show once it ends, that’s a good thing.

You teamed up with the Trevor Project to make an “It Gets Better” video, and you cohosted the Anti-Defamation League’s Concert Against Hate. At what point did you decide to get involved with the LGBT community and antibullying initiatives beyond your portrayal of Karofsky?
After “Never Been Kissed” aired. When I read that script, I thought it could have this major impact, but I didn’t know whether it would be positive or negative. I thought it was important, but it’s a very risky thing to have play out on prime-time TV, so I didn’t know if people would lash out against me, the character, the writers, whatever. Once it aired, the response I got was 100% positive. I had a smile on my face the whole day. That’s when people started coming up to me, asking for autographs, pictures, shaking my hand, telling me, “Thank you for doing this,” “You’re representing me,” “You’re representing someone I know.” I knew from that point that there are eyeballs on this story line, and it’s my job to be honest with what’s on the page and to represent the feelings and struggles that people are really going through. As entertaining as the show is, and as fun as the job is, there’s a heavy, serious element for me in representing the gay community. It’s been incredible.

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