Max Adler: Closet Gleek

Will it get better for Dave Karofsky, or could Glee’s closeted bully still kill himself? Max Adler reveals what might be in store for his conflicted character next season — including the possibility of a love connection with Kurt Hummel.



MAX ADLER 3 X390 (COURTESY) | ADVOCATE.COMThere was a persistent rumor near the end of last season that Karofsky might kill himself. What were your thoughts on that possibility?
Yeah, I may’ve even started that rumor in interviews. But that’s kind of how I was playing him — I always thought that he was at least contemplating the idea, getting close to suicide, which would be very real. The obvious choice would be for him to come out and live happily ever after, but I thought the more interesting choice was having him struggle, because that hasn’t really been represented for so long on television, and that’s what a lot of people need to see. But because of the message of positivity that Glee puts out there, a suicide could be difficult to have on the show.

Is Karofsky’s suicide not in the realm of possibility for next season?
Once that rumor started going around, Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] said that it was discussed it the writers’ room, but they didn’t think that’s where they were going to end up taking Karofsky. So I think fans can rest easy. That would be a big downer of an episode for Glee. But anything could happen.

Another downside of Karofsky’s suicide is that you wouldn’t be on the show anymore.
Yes, that would be bad, because I would love to do this forever. But if they did go that way with the story line, I know it would be for the best, I would carry it out wholeheartedly, and I know it could make a big difference.

When we last saw Karofsky in the “Prom Queen” episode, he breaks down and apologizes to Kurt for bullying him. Later, after being crowned prom king and having the opportunity to come out to the school by slow-dancing with Kurt, he runs out of the prom near tears. Where does that leave the character for next season?
It was a huge step for him to get to that point. That was the first time that he was himself, whether he wanted to be or not. Everything he’d done up to that point was this big shield of bravado, and he was faking who he was to everybody, but at that moment he could take it anymore, so he let his guard down. So there’s still a lot of progress that can be made. At the prom he saw how the student body dealt in a positive way with Kurt being named prom queen — they ended up backing him and cheering him — so that might ease some of his fears a bit. The most important part of all that was that you see Karofsky making steps, digging into his inner feelings for the first time.

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