Skyler Cooper Is Smokin’ Hot on  




The lesbian actress, who straddles gender lines and often plays male
roles (her role in Othello brought her early fame, and casting in B-Boy
won her plenty of gay male fans), says something scared her right

“I’m sure you’ve seen the lab,” she laughs of the Drag U set.
“Well, all that pink made me a little nervous and intimidated. The only
thing I own that is pink is my tongue. When I walked through the door, I
really had no idea what the producers and drag professors would do with

Cooper says she did Drag U because “I wanted to see what
the feminine ‘character’ of Skyler Cooper could look like. I know she
lives in me, and I was willing to pay the price in order to see it. I
wanted to see visually, if she were put on stage or in a film, what she
would look like. I think that bill’s been paid. I was stunned!”

So was her drag mentor, the queen she calls “Gorgeous Ongina.”

“I was so happy to have Ongina — I love her style,” Cooper gushes. “All the ‘lady boys,’ as they call themselves, were gorgeous. I love Ongina shows. Besides, I don’t think I would have been able to press Raven. Um, she’s really tall.”

RuPaul had an impact too. “Seeing RuPaul for the first time was surreal,” Cooper admits. “He is a beautiful man/woman in person as well. Everyone on set was fabulous and supportive for my episode. It felt very brotherly and sisterly on set, with a twist.”

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