Meet the Networks That Aren't Making the Grade



 NBC = Adequate
1180 Total Hours of Prime-Time Programming
167.25 LGBT-Inclusive Hours (15%)
Previous Scores:
2009-10 Score: 13%
2008-09 Score: 8%
2007-08 Score: 6%
2006-07 Score: 7%

Though it did not feature as many gay-inclusive hours as other networks,
NBC led the broadcast networks in overall racial diversity of its LGBT

Oscar, the gay accountant on The Office, had an increase in screen time last year, especially after the show introduced a possible love interest. The whole Thursday night lineup of comedy shows — Parks and Recreation, Community, Outsourced, and 30 Rock — included gay characters or story lines at one point or another through the season. In fact, 30 Rock won a GLAAD Award last year for Outstanding Individual Episode. Among the dramas, Parenthood, Law & Order: SVU, and Harry's Law each had featured stories with LGBT characters. Outlaw and Undercovers, two new shows last season, introduced gay characters, but neither show will return for a second season this fall. And of course there was Prince Poppycock on America's Got Talent, plus the four out contestants on The Voice and Richard Hatch on Celebrity Apprentice to cover the reality television arena.

GLAAD Recommends:
Since Dr. Huang, a gay Asian character, won't be returning to Law & Order: SVU, and some of the dramas like Undercovers and Outlaw were canceled, GLAAD is urging NBC to ensure it replaces the lost LGBT characters. It's looking to shows like The Playboy Club and Smash to do just that.

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