Meet the Networks That Aren't Making the Grade




 CBS  = Adequate

1110 Total Hours of Prime-Time Programming
114 LGBT-Inclusive Hours (10%)
Previous Scores:
2009-10 Score: 7%
2008-09 Score: 5%
2007-08 Score: 9%
2006-07 Score: 9%

The Good Wife is the only scripted show on CBS to include an LGBT character. Actress Archie Panjabi won an Emmy last year for her portrayal of Kalinda, who is bisexual. This past season also marked the start of a recurring role for the gay brother of the show's central character, Alicia Florrick. NCIS and The Mentalist, two procedural dramas, had single-episode story lines that included LGBT characters. None of the network's comedies included a regular LGBT character. Instead, a transgender sex worker appeared in one scene of How I Met Your Mother, a gay ex-boyfriend of Molly’s was featured on Mike and Molly, and Charlie had a bisexual girlfriend in one episode of Two and a Half Men.

CBS's reality programming was more inclusive. Big Brother had Ragan, and The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business included the Reverend Mel White and his son Mike White, lesbian contestant Keisha, and Luke, who is gay. Keisha and her sister won the season.

GLAAD Recommends: Premiering this fall is Two Broke Girls, from Sex and the City executive producer Michael Patrick King, and it seems a likely place for an LGBT character. The group also recommends that procedural shows like CSI and NCIS: Los Angeles stop portraying gay people as victims or pathological killers. 

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