Sofía Vergara: Sofía's Choice

The Modern Family star explains why she supports the Latin gay community but didn’t want gay children of her own.



JESSE TYLER FERGUSON JUSTIN MIKITA SOFIA VERGARA X390 (PROVIDED) | ADVOCATE.COM You also had a brief stint as Matron Mama Morton in Chicago on Broadway in 2009.
Oh, she’s definitely a lesbian. They don’t really say it in the show, but as a guard in a jail for women, she has to be, right? That was amazing, because I had never acted or sung on stage, so it was a big challenge for me. It’s really hard work, but I’d like to come back to Broadway again for a couple months.

Speaking of lesbians, the media has tried to create something of a rivalry between you and Glee’s Jane Lynch, who beat you in last year’s Emmy and Golden Globe races for Best Supporting Actress. This was exacerbated, of course, by your costar Ed O’Neill’s controversial comments in the press that seemed to question the worthiness of Jane’s performance. What’s your relationship with Jane really like?
It’s great. When we see each other, we kiss and hug each other. I really admire her. Her role on Glee is amazing, and you know what? She deserved to win. I love her. But yes, the media does seem to want us to have this funny rivalry, and I don’t mind.

When you last appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Lady Gaga, who was sitting beside you on the guest couch, pretty much hijacked your interview. What was going through your mind?
I was so surprised. I thought she was going to be stiff and serious, and I was afraid it was going to be hard to do the interview with somebody just sitting there, not giving me something, because being funny on those shows is hard enough as it is. But she was hilarious! She was so sharp and amazing. I became a huge fan after that.

Who’s your celebrity girl crush?
I have many, but I love Halle Berry. She’s perfection. Every time I see her, I want to give her a standing ovation because she’s so flawless.

Since your acting debut in a bikini for a Latin American Pepsi commercial at the age of 17, your curves have been a major player in your career. Although you’ve earned many accolades for your performance in Modern Family, have you worried that people might not take you seriously as an actress because of your overt physical sexiness?
No, because I’ve never wanted to be taken seriously as an actress! That never even crossed my mind. I don’t want to be serious. I’m not hoping to go read for a part in a serious movie, because I know the roles that I can play: They’re funny, and I love it. And I have no training in acting. I always knew I was funny, because I was the class clown, my family laughed at me, and I loved being ridiculous, but I never thought I’d make money out of being funny either. With my crazy accent, I’m so blessed that I even got a part like in Modern Family.

So you have no desire to work with a dialect coach, strap down your breasts, and do a period drama?
That could be fun, but it’s not keeping me awake at night.

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