Still In the Closet? Meet Gay TV's Fall Lineup



 TV doesn’t get much more LGBT-friendly than it’s been lately, what with Neil Patrick Harris’s Tony Awards hosting gig (“It’s Not Just for Gays Anymore”), a gay athlete at the center of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and True Blood’s ongoing lesbian sex scenes and “God Hates Fangs” metaphor. Then there’s the trans kid on Degrassi, gay and bisexual characters on Glee, Happily Divorced, Happy Endings, Modern Family, The Good Wife, and the baker’s dozen of gays and lesbians on recent seasons of Top Chef. And yet the networks’ fall lineup is light on gay and trans characters on scripted shows, through no fault of new gay NBC chief Robert Greenblatt, whose channel will be notably queerer this fall. Still, half the season’s new homosexuals are closeted — perhaps suggesting Americans’ latent desire to return to simpler times (simpler for straight people, that is), or maybe Hollywood just needs more cause for drama. We think Paula Abdul said it best: Two steps forward, two steps back.

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