10 Reasons You Should Watch  



OK, yes, I know, it’s not hip to say you love watching Rules
of Engagement
, a neglected CBS comedy that
is, on its surface, about two straight married couples, their randy single het
friend, and his long-suffering assistant. But even before the show introduced
the lesbian storyline last season (wait, does one character a “storyline”
make?), there was enough about Rules
to make me think viewers who were looking hard enough could find enough
subversively queer content to make the show a must-see. Now that it’s back on
must-see Thursdays instead of relegated to Saturday, why not take a gander?
(Although you’ll want to TiVo Parks & Rec, of course.)

1. Orlando Jones is Brad, a gay, black man — minus the
stereotypes. TV does not do black gay men justice. Example: We love Tatyana
Ali, and TV One’s Love that Girl
deserves more props than it gets for having a hot, kind of funny black cast,
but the swishy gay guys are so over-the-top that it’s like one of those In
Living Color
“Men on Film” segments. Jones
is none of that. He’s cute, smart, married, and funny. We need more scenes with
him — especially ones that play off the other cast members’ discomforts around
race, masculinity, and sexual orientation. Bonus points: Orlando Jones also
starred in the lovely little gay comedy Misconceptions.

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