TV's New Transgender Sensation is 11-Years-Old



ROSIE JAZZ X560 (OWN) | ADVOCATE.COMTell me about your best friend.
I don't necessarily pick
one over another, but all of my friends who accept me for who I am are
considered my best friends. They all treat me like any other girl.

Were you excited to share your story with the world with this documentary?
definitely excited to share my story, because I want to help other
transgender people be true to themselves. A lot of transgender kids
don't have the support of a family like I do, and I just wanted to share
that it's OK to step out of their shadows and tell their parents how
they really feel inside. So, I'm happy to tell other kids about my life
and tell them that you can still be loved if you are transgender, and
love yourself, too.

What was it like making the documentary?
was a very different experience for us, but I enjoyed every minute of
it and felt like I was doing the right thing. It's amazing to share this
journey with my family. Without them I wouldn't be the kid I am today,
so I'm glad the documentary is about all of us, not just me. I also am
thankful for our producer, Wayne [Mahon] for helping us get into a great
position to tell our story. He, and all the other producers and crew,
were so kind to us.

You used to have nightmares about growing hair.
would have nightmares that giant mustaches were chasing me, and I ran
into my mother's bed crying and saying, "I don't want hair on my face
and chest like daddy!" And she said, "Don't worry, I will always protect
you, and I won't let that happen if that is what you want."

There was a tooth fairy dream, too, right?
wasn't the tooth fairy, it was the good fairy. I remember when I was
very young, she appeared in my dream, and waved her magic wand, and said
she was going to change my penis into a vagina. When I woke up from the
dream, being all happy, I asked my mother, "When is the good fairy
going to come with her magic wand and change my penis into a vagina?" I
think that's when my parents started to realize I was special.

What’s your biggest fear right now?
of my biggest fears right now, is facing puberty. Ever since I was
younger I had nightmares about growing facial hair and having hair all
over my body. Now that the time has come where this situation might
occur, I'm getting nervous and desperate to take hormones to prevent
puberty from happening.

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