TV's New Transgender Sensation is 11-Years-Old




You started wearing girls clothes when you were like 5, right? Do you remember that?
when I was much younger than 5. I'd open my sister's closet and start
to put on her dress-up costumes and add a pair of plastic princess shoes
to match. As I got a little bit older, I began to become upset and cry
when I had to wear boy clothes to preschool. Finally, when I was 5, I
had the privilege to wear the clothes I desired. I'm so lucky that I
have two very special extraordinary parents who supported me being the
girl that I always was.

You were on the Rosie Show and got to meet Chaz Bono who is one of your idols.
was shocked to see Chaz Bono, who is one of my biggest heroes. Rosie
was so generous to give me a huge basket of art supplies. She also had
an amazing sense of humor.

Who else do you look up to?
person I idolize is my older sister, Ari. She has a great voice, and
she is so beautiful. Also, in the future, I hope to be an amazing mom,
like my mother is. I'm so proud of my family and love them so much.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
hard for me say, because I'm still young, and love to do so many
things. My favorite things are drawing, writing stories, playing soccer
and lacrosse, and I love to sing, dance, and act. I also want to help
other trans kids and inspire them. I want to make the world a better
place for them to be happy like me, so being an advocate would be good,
too. But most of all, as I would say when I was in kindergarten, "I want
to be everything!"


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