Nene Speaks

America’s favorite Real Housewife tells all about sparring with Jane Lynch on Glee, her new gay-themed sitcom The New Normal, and her thoughts on marriage equality.


Roz is a swimming coach. Are you a swimmer in real life?

That is so hilarious. Do you think a black girl doesn’t swim? [Laughs] It’s true. I don’t know how to swim. I can do the dog paddle and hold my breath and go under water. But when it comes to stroking it in the pool, no.

What happens with Roz  in the season finale?

I can’t talk about it. The finale is going to be huge. I’ll say this: You’re probably going to see more of Roz.

You’re playing a character named Rocky in The New Normal. What can you tell me about her?

Rocky is fantastic. She wears high heels everyday and fabulous clothing. The name of the show is very fitting, by the way. It’s about two gay guys and they’re looking for a surrogate to have their baby. I play the assistant to one of the guys. I use his credit card and buy all kinds of things he doesn’t know about, but you can’t talk shit about my gay guy, only I can. [Laughs] Don’t mess with my gay guy. Just don’t do it. It’s a really great comedy and I think people are going to love it. I’m very proud of it.

What are the chances you’ll be doing triple duty this fall and return to Housewives?

I might be doing triple duty. I might stay on Housewives and do Glee and The New Normal.

When will you sleep?

I don’t know. I wondered if I’m up for the challenge and decided I am. I don’t know. Besides reading scripts, I’ll be on Housewives playing with those mean old girls.

Since you’ll be filming Glee and The New Normal in Los Angeles. Is there any chance you’ll move over to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast?

From what I’ve heard Bravo doesn’t want to do a crossover. I actually will be living in Los Angeles and I’ll still have a place in Georgia. They should do that twist. It would be fun. It would be hilarious to be a Beverly Hills housewife.

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