Wisdom from a Mob Wife



As a Catholic girl, how do you feel about the Pope who doesn’t seem to share your love of the gays.
I don’t think that’s God’s view. I think that’s the Pope’s view. I don’t have any views on anything other than if you’re happy and that’s how God made you, then that’s what God wants. If he’s not here to personally tell you yourself, don’t believe it cause someone says it. I know I’m supposed to believe certain things because I’m a Catholic girl, but he also says I’m not supposed to have sex before I’m married. Yeah right! There are so many things more important about who you are than being gay or being a “wise guy’s” daughter. Just be happy. That’s all God wants.

Do you have a main gay?
The only gay man in my life is Adam Gonzales, he’s our producer. I love him. Just kidding, actually I have lots of gay friends, they’re closer to me than my girlfriends, what am I saying? They aremy girlfriends.

Do you have a gay crush?
Ellen! I have the biggest crush in the world on Ellen. She’s so confident; she’d be the perfect, perfect man. If she could teach men how to be men, we’d all be happy in heaven.

Watching the show, you’re especially fond of bold prints and bright colors. When were you bitten by the “fashion bug?”
Color is everything! I’ve been doing fashion the way I’m doing it now forever. I remember once when I was 16, I was wearing ostrich feathers, the most beautiful purple, and I had these shoes with butterflies up the leg. I’ve always dressed this way. The other girls have their own style, some extremely need help. One girl on the show thinks she’s the cat’s meow, but she’s more like a can of paint. That’s Carla. That’s not me talking behind her back, there’s nothing I wouldn’t say to any of the girls right to their faces.

You have your own accessories line too. Where did Mob Candy come from?
Mob Candy is the treat without gaining any weight. It’s makeup, it’s jewelry, it’s very glittery shoes. Mob Candy came about when everything else in my life had fallen apart. I was sitting around depressed eating candy and getting fat. I had a bag of M&Ms in my hand, and I thought about all the bright colors and thought of a way I could turn things around. I thought, I can take this idea and make it work. Right now we’re just in Brooklyn [198 Flatbush Ave], but we’ll also be online shortly.

If you could have your way, how would men dress?
Sharp at all times, even if he’s in sweats and a T-Shirt. For men it’s easy; just be really clean. Jeans, put on a button up shirt and Air Force One sneakers or a pair of Prada sneakers and keep it simple. As complex as everyone thinks I am, I’m a simple girl. I like dark suits and dark men.


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Correction: Dr. Fiorillo's name was spelled incorrectly.

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