Smash, Glee, and Work It: How Did the TV Networks Rank on LGBT Content?

From Smash to Glee and Work It, GLAAD scores how well the TV networks did on being inclusive.

BY Michelle Garcia

August 30 2012 7:40 AM ET


The CW - "Good"
524 Total Hours of Prime-Time Programming
152 LGBT-Inclusive Hours (29% or 121 gay, 72 bisexual, 45 lesbian, and five transgender)
Inclusive shows: America's Next Top Model, 90210, The L.A. Complex, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural
Room for Improvement: As long as The L.A. Complex can hang in there and America's Next Top Model continues, the network will have a decent base of LGBT-inclusive content. The addition of The Carrie Diaries and Emily Owens, M.D., which features a lesbian character, will likely also boost the network's rating.

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