Smash, Glee, and Work It: How Did the TV Networks Rank on LGBT Content?

From Smash to Glee and Work It, GLAAD scores how well the TV networks did on being inclusive.




Fox - "Good"
722 Total Hours of Prime-Time Programming
176.5 LGBT-Inclusive Hours (24% or 121 bisexual, 97 gay, 53 lesbian, and seven transgender)

Inclusive shows: Glee, The Cleveland Show, The Simpsons, American Dad, House, Bones, The Finder, New Girl, Touch, and Raising Hope, So You Think You Can Dance
Room for Improvement: House, which featured bisexual character Thirteen, is no longer on the air, and Bones's bisexual character Angela Montenegro's sexual orientation has been seemingly glossed over for quite a while. Beside Travis Wall's appearances on So You Think You Can Dance, Fox's reality programming has been somewhat sparse when it comes to gay contestants. Allen Gregory, which featured a young boy being raised by two dads (though the sexual orientation of one of the dads was questionable) was canceled. As GLAAD said in the report, the show would have been a good addition to Fox's roster of animated characters, but it turned out to be rather offensive and stereotypical, and audiences had a hard time warming up to the show.

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