Remembering Sahara: RuPaul and Drag Racers Share Memories

Draq queen Sahara Davenport came into this world as Antoine Ashley and left it too soon. The Drag Race contestant died earlier this month, and RuPaul plus fellow contestants shared fond memories during the All Stars premiere party.



Sahara was the first girl to welcome me to the family of Drag Race. She came to see one of these shows. She didn’t even know me, but she’s like, “We’re sisters now. You’re welcome.” And she’s the only person that none of the other girls have ever said a bad word about. We have a secret Facebook group where we all read each other. We’ll post a picture of a homeless drag queen on the street all cracked out, and we’ll be like, “Now, Morgan McMichaels!”…And Sahara was the only one who always had good shit to say, was always funny. If you came away from her, you were always laughing about something. She was amazing.
Willam Belli

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