American Horror Story: Asylum's Lizzie Brocheré Talks About Sex and Terror

Lizzie Brocheré talks with The Advocate about bisexuality, playing a dominatrix, and the creepy world inside the Asylum.




So what can we expect of Grace in terms of her sexuality? Do you know if she’s straight or lesbian or bisexual?
[Sighs] I mean her back story is a lot darker than that but I can’t really tell. You’ll discover my back story in two episodes, so tune in, keep it up. [Laughs] But it was fascinating to be digging in there. But I can’t tell more. I’d love to talk to you about it after it airs.

Yeah, what’s the biggest challenge for you doing American Horror Story?
Everything was a big challenge. It was my first time doing an American TV show, so the pace was a big challenge. My character is very, very complex and, you know, as I said, you don’t end up in a mental institute just like this [for no reason]. It was very challenging to connect with Grace, although, it felt very familiar in a weird sense. And what’s still challenging is holding on to the same dark character for seven months.

A lot of people say when they’re doing dark characters that it’s hard not to take them home with them when they leave the set at night.
Yeah, it was. It’s not so much taking them home, but I know that it’s opening the gates in my mind and the things that I wouldn't really want to go in, if I didn’t do that character.

You were already acting when you were 10 years old, right?
Oh yeah, even younger than that. My mom was a casting director. She would take me in and put me in the commercial when I was 10 months old.

That’s a number of decades doing this then. So at this point, what’s the biggest hope for your career?
I don’t know. I've always done it in a way where I’ve done, dorky, adventures that I love the most. So, the United States is whole new big adventure. I love it. I love this show. I mean, if they want me for a second, I mean, a third season, I’d love to do it. If I get any opportunities here, it can be indie films, it can be action films…I’m really open to everything.

So you’ll stick around in Hollywood for awhile?
I won’t stick around, but if I have a project I’ll come back. [Laughs] I can’t stick around anymore.

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