Last Words With RuPaul's All Stars Tammie Brown and Nina Flowers

The Advocate talks with "All Stars" Tammie Brown and Nina Flowers after they sashayed away.



At left: Nina Flowers


Nina, although you are originally from Puerto Rico, you’ve made Denver your home. For you, what is the most striking difference between these two drag cultures?

Nina: You would be surprised. Drag in Puerto Rico is very serious. The kids start at a very early age. They are so amazing and talented. That's why there is always a Puerto Rican queen on the show. Here in Denver, it's happening. We have come a long way. When I moved here, there was not much happening for drag entertainment. Now, many gay nightclubs have drag shows. I'm currently the host of the biggest drag show in Colorado, "Drag Nation." It takes place the last Friday of every month in one of the best and largest gay nightclubs in the country, Tracks Nightclub. You should come visit us sometime!


What projects are you working on? What’s next? 

Tammie: I have been working on my album Hot Skunx and have been working on my acoustic show, photo shoots with world-renowned photographers, and living my life.  I am also working on a Tammie Brown variety show.

Nina: I'm working on a new single with DJ and producer MDW titled "The Queens." Music is my passion, and very soon you will see me remixing songs for big names. My schedule is full all the way until March of 2013. Fans can keep track of me and find out about future presentations through my website.


Are you still walking the children in nature, Tammie? 

Tammie: No, I no longer volunteer with the Children’s Nature Institute.


Fans of DR might miss the “lipstick on the mirror” farewell message from parting contestants. What is the legacy or message you want to leave after your RuPaul's Drag Race experience?

Tammie: For people to follow their hearts and be true to themselves. Enjoy your life. You only live once.

Nina: My legacy would be to "stay true to yourself, and when you make it all the way to the top, remember where you came from."


How do you define an “All Star”? 

Nina: Classy, talented, edgy, glamorous, and original.

Tammie: I would define an All Star by saying … Tammie Brown.

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