Andrew Rannells a 'Purebred' Gay Man

Unlike his character on Girls, he doesn't question that he's gay, says Rannells.



Andrew Rannells
Andrew Rannells

Elijah, Andrew Rannells’s character in Girls, may be intensely, uh, attracted to a woman in the show’s season premiere, which shows him wondering if he might be bisexual rather than gay, but the gay actor is unquestioning about his real-life sexuality.

“I personally have never had sex with a woman,” Rannells, who also stars in The New Normal, told New York magazine’s entertainment blog Vulture. “I’m more of what you call gold-star gay. I’m purebred.”

Rannells says he’s among the minority of gay men, as most of them have had sex with a woman at some point — some even after they’ve concluded that yep, they’re gay. “I have a lot of friends who, actually, after they’ve realized they're gay, they feel empowered in a way that they do some things that they didn’t think they would do, like explore some things because they’re a little more comfortable with who they are,” he told the blog.

The season 2 premiere of Girls airs at Sunday at 9 p.m. Eastern on HBO.

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