5 Reasons LGBT Viewers Should Watch Southland

Southland is more LGBT-friendly than you know. Here's why.



2. Good-Lookin’ Bad Boys
If you need to fill your Chad Michael Murray void since One Tree Hill closed up shop last year, then look no further than the City of Angels now that he has joined the cast as the resident bad boy. Since only Southland’s core cast has stuck around the entire show run, there have been various guest stars who come in for just a few episodes or an entire season, such as Lucy Liu’s fabulously feisty cop from last season. This year it’s Chad Michael Murray playing the young Dave (above left), a new officer with a mustache that would make any CHiPs officer green with envy. Now that Ben McKenzie’s character (Ben Sherman, the show's moral compass) is a more seasoned officer and no longer the lowest pup on the totem pole, Dave gets to come in and create havoc with his wild ways.
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