WATCH: 10 Here TV Shows That Changed Our View of LGBT Life

As America's only LGBT-focused TV network unveils its new paid YouTube channel, we revisit 10 original programs that changed the scope of LGBT life on the small screen.



4. Lesbian Sex & Sexuality

Honest discussions of lesbian sexuality on TV are almost as hard to find as accurate depictions of female orgasms on film — they're virtually nonexistent.

Which is why the two-season run of producer Katherine Linton's Lesbian Sex & Sexuality was so revolutionary. The show fearlessly delved into issues of polyamory, female-run porn studios, BDSM, erotica, strippers, roller derby, burlesque, and the sex lives of trans women while also examining women and sex work, feminist outlooks on desire, and the myth of lesbian bed death. (There was even an episode in season 2 featuring The Advocate's executive editor, Diane Anderson-Minshall, talking about fashion and desire).

The camera also provided an unflinching look at real women's bodies and intimate portraits of queer women who boldly pursue their desires.

You can watch the Lesbian Sex & Sexuality trailer below:

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