WATCH: 10 Here TV Shows That Changed Our View of LGBT Life

As America's only LGBT-focused TV network unveils its new paid YouTube channel, we revisit 10 original programs that changed the scope of LGBT life on the small screen.



9. 30 Years From Here

Last year marked the 30th anniversary of the HIV pandemic, and to commemorate the arduous battle that the LGBT community has waged against the nondiscriminatory disease, HereTV interviewed Larry Kramer, Regan Hoffman, Sean Strub, and other activists, medical experts, and people personally affected by the epidemic.

The documentary 30 Years From Here features plenty of archival footage from 1980s- and '90s-era protests, news programs, and interviews that took place over the last three decades. Much of the material remains as powerful and startling today as it did at the time it first aired.

Watch a clip of 30 Years From Here below:

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