PHOTOS: The Hunks of From Here On Out

PHOTOS: The Hunks of From Here On Out

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As Here TV’s new sitcom, From Here On Out, gears up for its March 28 release date, the hunky stars of the series cuddled up with The Advocate for a chat about their favorite behind-the-scenes moments, working with the outstanding cast (including Emmy-winner Juliet Mills), and how they felt the first time they saw the debut episode.

The show is set in a highly fictionalized version of Here TV, the network owned by the same parent company as The Advocate.


T.J. Hoban (Sam Decker)
Leading man in a fictional Here TV show called "Guy Dubai: International Gay Spy," Decker convinces everyone he's gay to keep the part.

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On his most memorable blooper during filming: "It was during the filming of 'Kill Or Be Kilt' when Suzanne Whang repeatedly asked in the Korean voice of Divina with a scottish accent, 'Would you like a damn of whiskey?'  It took every fiber in my being not to crack during filming."


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On personal challenges he faced while filming: “I had to kiss a guy and show my butt, two things I've never done before. That was definitely a challenge. Believe it or not I'm shy by nature. I had to get over that real quick. But, the struggles that I had in real life as an actor parallel those of my character Sam Decker. So I believe those feelings actually served me well, and when you watch you'll see that I'm not faking it.”

Adrian Gonzalez (Rico)

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On how he felt the first time he saw a completed episode: “I was excited and nervous.  It’s always weird watching yourself on screen. My character in particular isn't wearing much most of the time and always in very 'shy' situations, so I was more nervous than usual.”  


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On his favorite character in the series: “Love Divina!  She’s a trip, literally.  Suzanne Whang is an amazing actress and just went all out with her character choices and really brought Divina to life."

Michael Lanham (Brad)

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On the best part of playing Brad: “It’s been so much fun! Working with so many talented people has taught me a lot as well. But mostly it’s just been a blast being so inappropriate and encouraged to do so.”


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On the craziest thing he did on set: "One day, when Suzanne Whang (dressed as Divina) arrived on set, I don't know what came over me, but I just picked her up and started throwing her up in the air and catching her like a little baby girl. It was awesome!"

Jesse Pepe (Sean)

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On stripping down for a scene: “It's definitely a strange feeling seeing your junk on film. It was a judgment call for me going into the project, but I didn't feel all that uncomfortable about it. It still wasn't as weird as I thought when watching the second episode, which was nice.”


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On his favorite moment in the series: “Definitely watching Suzanne Whang shoot her 'Bad Audition' scene in the first episode. She is so damn funny. She had every member of the cast and crew dying.”

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Emrhys Cooper (Haggis)

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On the first time he saw the debut episode: “I was in stitches, then I thought, ‘oh my God, my mom will see my ass on TV.’”


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On filming those “nude” scenes: “I have to say putting on a modesty sock which covers your private parts, was a pretty interesting experience. I had a scene where my kilt blows up and the audience is supposed to think I am completely naked, but the other actors were looking at my modesty sock. Let's just say it didn't cover up that much."

Junade Khan (Derek)

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On his hopes for the series: “With any comedy you worry if it will be funny, but I think this is so funny! I hope people will enjoy watching it and have a giggle.”


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On his favorite filming location for the series: “I enjoyed the filming locations at the producer's house. It was like a holiday resort and had a lot of history. Charlie Chaplin used to live there apparently.”

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