Drop Dead Diva Says Goodbye, Trans Episode Among Its Last

Drop Dead Diva uses one of its last episodes to focus on a story playing out right now: a trans kid who can't use the school restroom.



Episode: "Do Over" in season one
Newcomer Brooke Elliott as Jane (left) discovers that she's friends with the no-nonsense judge, played by out actress Rosie O’Donnell, in an episode that finds Jane back in court fighting a company that isn't playing fair with workers' lives.

Episode: "Queen of Mean"
Cybill Shepherd, the real-life mother of two queer daughters — The L Word's Clementine Ford and former SheWired blogger Ariel Shepherd-Oppenheim — guest stars in this episode as a fashion guru who is suing to stop publication of a tell-all book about her.

Episode: "Queen of Mean"
The male dance revue, Thunder Down Under, guest stars (here with Brooke Elliott) on that same episode.