Drop Dead Diva Says Goodbye, Trans Episode Among Its Last

Drop Dead Diva uses one of its last episodes to focus on a story playing out right now: a trans kid who can't use the school restroom.



Episode: "Queen of Mean" 
In another storyline, transgender actress Candis Cayne guest stars alongside Kate Levering and Jackson Hurst in an episode in which the two lawyers must represent Cayne in a feud with her in-laws over her late partner's property. The storyline garnered the series a GLAAD nomination.


Episode: "Prom"
Ben Feldman (middle) joins guest star Lance Bass on a beachy shoot. Bass was joined by other LGBT celebs (Amanda Bearse, Wanda Sykes) on this episode about a teenage lesbian who was denied the chance to attend their senior prom together.

Episode: "Prom"
Brooke Elliott with guest stars Wanda Sykes and Constance McMillen, the teen lesbian activist who fought a battle to take her own girlfriend to prom. (Watch a video with McMillan talking about the experience of being on and inspiring Drop Dead Diva.)