11 Reasons Mitchell and Cameron Belong Together

After years as a couple, Modern Family's Mitchell and Cameron are finally going to tie the knot. Here's why we know they're meant to be together.



REASON 7: Because their family loves and accepts them.
Mitchell was legitimately worried about announcing to his family that he and Cameron had just adopted baby Lily, but even after the ridiculous theatrics of introducing her Lion King-style, everyone rallies around them. Even Jay, who is, deep down, a big old softie. Having the love and support of your extended family is definitely helpful when you're ready to settle down and start your own.



REASON 8: Cameron is still crazy jealous of Mitchell's ex-boyfriend, but for an unexpected reason.
For the first time, Cam meets Teddy, the only significant ex that Mitchell had, and discovers Teddy is good-looking and kind, and worst of all, Mitchell's family members are all still pals with him. We see that Cam isn't just in love with Mitchell, he loves being an irreplaceable part of a big family. Mitchell at first dismisses Cam's jealousy, which doesn't go well — "Congratulations, Mitchell. This is as sad as I've ever been in roller skates" — and then of course Cam rallies the family to show their true allegiances. 
REASON 9: They make a good team.
When it was time to get Lily into preschool, Cam and Mitch teamed up against a lesbian couple to grab a coveted spot at an exclusive school. Then in another episode when one of their juice boxes stained a swanky neighbor's $50,000 rug, they rallied for a cover-up (blaming it on the woman's kid). Probably the best team-up was when Mitchell used his know-how as an environmental lawyer and Cam brought back his Cats costume and climbed a tree to stop developers from cutting it down. A favorite exchange from that moment:
Cameron: "Mitchell, where were we the first day Lily rolled over?"
Mitchell: "Under this tree."
Cameron: "Where is home base when we play hide-and-go-seek?"
Mitchell: "Under this tree."
Cameron: "Where did we take shelter during that dangerous lightning storm?"
Mitchell: "It wasn't a good idea, but under this tree."

REASON 10: They're willing to confront old issues, even when it's uncomfortable.
Cameron confronts Mitchell's trouble kissing Cam in public. Eventually, Gloria realizes it's because Jay wasn't affectionate with Mitchell as a boy. That leads to Jay and Mitchell sharing a very awkward but well-intentioned display of affection, and then Mitch and Cam's own kiss. Does that mean that Mitchell is going to make out with Cam at the mall? Not necessarily. He's just not that kind of a guy. But maybe now he isn't as averse to the idea.
REASON 11: They are each other's support system.
Mitch and Cam thought for a while that they wanted another child, and at last they got word that a baby could be adopted if they rushed off to the hospital. But it all goes wrong, in an ode to Mexican soap opera melodrama, leaving our couple dejected. At first it's Cam who breaks down in disappointment at the hospital, needing Mitchell's comfort. Then roles reverse when Mitchell runs off into a field and Cam chases after him. Mitchell is tired of repeatedly getting his hopes up only to have them dashed. They lie on the ground, hold hands, and Mitchell can't help noticing, "I think I'm lying on a rock." Cam adds, "I'm lying next to my rock."