Our Favorite Same-Sex Weddings on TV

Now that Cameron and Mitchell are wed on Modern Family, we're taking a look at some of our favorite same-sex TV weddings.



Melanie & Lindsay, Queer as Folk
Funnily enough, this show that centers around a group of gay male friends featured its first wedding between two lesbians. It was another wedding that almost didn’t happen — it seemed that all was cursed and there was no hope, that is, until our favorite gays rallied around the ladies. Emmett, the self-proclaimed “big nelly bottom,” took the lead, giving the ladies a countryside wedding, which, safe to say, exceeded their expectations and might just have been better than anything they could have dreamed of.


Carol & Susan, Friends
Carol and Susan may not have a huge presence on Friends, but their wedding certainly left a lasting impression. Two NBC affiliates refused to air the episode aptly named “The One With the Lesbian Wedding” when it premiered back in 1996, but we’re pretty confident Susan and Carol would be happy with the progress TV has made since then. If Ross could learn to live with it, so can NBC!


Stef & Lena, The Fosters
Stef and Lena somehow managed to hit just about every possible obstacle in just 10 episodes of The Fosters, but all the turmoil was worth it when it came to the big family wedding that melted out hearts. It was the Macklemore and Mary Lambert–filled mid-season finale that secured our loyalty to ABC Family’s newest brood and even made the show one of our new favorites. This June, The Fosters will return with even more drama, teenage craziness, and family love, with Lena's recent pregnancy promising a brand new Adams Foster very soon. Just when we think we couldn't love The Fosters more, they find a way to prove us wrong!