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Infamous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton gets the musical treatment in Perez Hilton…The Musical! onstage now as part of the 2008 NY International Fringe Festival.



 Perez Hilton, the musical x100 (publicity) |

The cast is
uniformly engaging and strikes just the right balance
between staying in character and winking at the
audience. Most cast members play multiple roles,
including Paris Hilton, Amy Winehouse, R. Kelly, and
the Olsen twins. Andrew Keenan-Bolger plays "Twinkie boy"
Zac Efron, among other roles, and is quite adorable,
providing the show a dose of gratuitous male
flesh with periodic flashes of his six-pack abs and
hairless torso. Laura Jordan's Kathy Griffin is a riot,
a scheming, egomaniacal camera whore, and quite the scene

Hilton’s assistant Alyssa, Dana Steingold is a
standout, with great comic timing, a winsome stage
presence, and a little-girl voice that
conjures Betty Boop meets The O.C. Her
Alyssa is sweet but slightly conniving, harboring stardom
dreams of her own. But this is Blair’s show. As
Perez, he pulls off the considerable feat of making
the blogger both a deplorable parasite and pitiable loser,
keeping the laughs coming throughout.

Perez Hilton…The Musical! may not change the
world and may not be an earthshaking theatrical
experience. Like Hilton's blog, the show
is silly, mean-spirited, and will be dated very, very
soon. And also like the blog it is refreshing,
nakedly cynical, profane, gleefully cheesy, and
totally, deliciously enjoyable.

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