On the Fringe

This year's Fringe Festival in New York delivered the goods, from dying divas to unsexy, naked men.



 The Naked Dead Elephant in the Middle of the Room x395 (Publicity) | Advocate.com

Rose’s The Naked Dead Elephant in the Middle
of the Room
was among the more unusual offerings and
was an audience favorite as well. Billed as "a
satirical comedy with adult themes and nudity about
creating a satirical comedy with adult themes and
nudity," this 45-minute production was exactly as loopy as

Taking dead aim
at stage shows that employ "pointless" nudity to sell
tickets (and, by extension, the skin-seeking audience),
Larson has written a charming, clever play within a
play within a play, and yes, there was indeed nudity.
As in all gay plays with naked in the title, the
bare skin was decidedly unerotic, but in this case
that unsexiness is intentional. All of the cast
members (Zach Held, Roy James Brown, the adorable Jim
deProphetis, who knows how to work a jockstrap, and
the hilarious Jesse Stewart) brought just the right
blend of dry wit and goofy charm to Rose’s sly gem
of a show. Naked was an enjoyable romp, the
très gay cherry on top of Fringe NYC’s
tasty confection of cruisy, campy theater works.

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