Rent, Take Two

Rent: Filmed Live on Broadway hopes to erase memories of that ill-received Hollywood adaptation, and as Maureen, Eden Espinosa has just the stuff to make it happen.



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The movie version just didn't work. It should have been done
the way you got to do it -- filmed live.

Yes, I agree it should have been filmed live.

How different was it to perform with cameras? Did it
interfere at all with the "live" aspect of your
performance? Did you have to make any spontaneous

I don't remember any intrusions at all. We ran through the big
numbers the day before and filmed some close-ups on numbers
like "Christmas Bells." I was very determined to show
that we were actors and not let the cameras affect the
performance. You know, if you go out there and do what you do
every night, you'll be fine.

When you're not working, where do you spend most of your
time? New York or L.A.?

I am planning to be as bicoastal as possible, but L.A. is

Besides theater, what else would you love to accomplish in
your career or just personally?

I want to do an album. But I want to do an album that is me and
what I want to say, not just a collection of theater songs. You
know, singing is my first love, but I'd also love to just act
... do a play and stretch those muscles.

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