Designed to leave no emotional angle untouched, the combination of plays slated to be performed at this weekend's star-studded fund-raiser will include a wide range of styles and approaches -- from tender stories to hilarious, campy romps. In fact, Queer as Folk's Peter Paige, who will appear in a play called The Revision alongside Heroes star Adrian Pasdar, promises that Standing on Ceremony will offer a little something for every taste.

"There will be some very, very funny stuff, some very moving stuff, some wry, interesting, thought-provoking stuff...and the good news is if you don't like one of the plays, it's only five minutes long," Paige jokes.

One thing Paige is not laughing about, however, is the subject matter behind the gay marriage plays or his response to Prop. 8. The actor says he hopes the event will say to anti–marriage equality activists, "You will be embarrassed by your position on this issue. You will one day look at yourself like George Wallace standing on the steps screaming 'segregation forever.' You will be ashamed of your stance on this in the very near future."

Popular drag performer Coco Peru, who has been tapped to serve as mistress of ceremonies for Standing on Ceremony, concurs with Paige, though she says she has a slightly different message for anti–gay marriage activists.

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