Seat Filler: NYC Theater Guide for September 2009

The Advocate’s queen on the New York theater scene alien-probes the 13th annual Fringe Festival to find America’s top bottoms, naughtiest neighbors, and gayest presidents ever.



Much more deserving of its Outstanding Play award is Buddy Thomas’s Devil Boys From Beyond, an all-male spoof of 1950s sci-fi B-movies at the Actors’ Playhouse. The premise is shamelessly silly: Rival reporters try to scoop the story when aliens from a gay planet have invaded Lizard Lick, Fla., and replaced the old townsmen with sexy young muscle men to impregnate the townswomen and propagate their race. We don’t actually discover the sexuality and motives of the invaders until the final scene, but it sure doesn’t spoil the fun to know that titillating twist up-front.DEVIL BOYS FROM BEYOND X560 (DIXIE SHERIDAN) | ADVOCATE.COM

Fans of the drag genre send-ups perfected by Charles Busch and Charles Ludlam will have a devil of a good time watching these boys. In fact, adding class and maturity to the sometimes shaky production are Andy Halliday, a longtime member of Charles Busch’s Theater-in-Limbo, and Everett Quinton, a member of Charles Ludlam’s Ridiculous Theatre Company for 21 years. But I strongly encourage you to Google professional models Jeff Riberdy and Jacques Mitchell, who look damn good while uttering a few monotone lines as the scantily clad alien lovers. Thank me later.

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