You have said, “I hope being gay isn’t the most interesting part of me.” What is the most interesting part of you?
[Laughs mischievously] I don’t think I can answer that. I wouldn’t
begin to know how. That’s a good question, thank you. It does beg that
question, doesn’t it? [More laughter, more mischievously] I have a lot
of self-deprecating answers at the tip of my tongue, but I think it’s
best if I don’t throw them out right now.

Do you feel that being openly gay has cast you as some kind of role model or spokesman?
I don’t feel that. I just feel that I’m an actor.

The future? Is there a grand scheme at play?
now my future is this show -- until November 15. So my energy is going
into that. There’s so much I have to learn before we close; so much I
want to learn. As an actor, you always feel -- and I’ve heard this from
other actors too -- you always feel like it’s your last job. So if I’m
greedy, all I can ask is that I work with people who interest me, that
I respect, and that I’ll learn from. If I can have that in whatever
medium -- film, television, or stage -- I’d be very lucky and very happy.

How’s the boyfriend [Mark Cornelsen]?

He’s seeing the show on opening night. I want to hold off on the previews; there’s still a lot for me to sort through.

If it becomes legal, would you consider marriage?

Let’s have it be legal first. That’s what I’d like to focus on. Then we’d be free to make a decision.  

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