Seat Filler: NYC Theater Guide for December 2009

The Advocate’s queen on the NYC theater scene uses his gift receipt to exchange seasonal solo shows for inner-city lesbian tragedy, scenery-chewing divas, Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s muscles, and Broadway’s first high-powered prostate massage.



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That, of course, takes us to the new national tour of Dreamgirls, which ended its month-long run at Harlem’s legendary Apollo Theater on December 12 before steppin’ to 15 more cities (see full schedule at Swiftly directed by 2009 Out100 honoree Robert Longbottom, who choreographed with So You Think You Can Dance regular Shane Sparks, this eye-popping yet simply staged revival of Tom Eyen and Henry Krieger’s Supremes-inspired 1981 musical focuses on the costumes and kitsch, which I didn’t mind at all. American Idol finalist Syesha Mercado does a decent Deena, but you’re gonna love Moya Angela’s Effie, who has sass and soul to spare. The surprise showstopper here is “Listen” (added for Beyoncé in the 2006 film), which has been reconceived as a “dueling divas” duet for Effie and Deena.

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