Your Christmas special is especially popular with gay and lesbian viewers, as it had an even more pronounced camp sensibility than your Saturday morning show. There were guest appearances by many wonderful gay icons, such as Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, Grace Jones, k.d. lang, and Joan Rivers. Did you reach out to these people to see if they would make guest appearances in your new show?
No, I didn't want any of those people. I didn't care for them after the show was over. Ha! Just kidding! Those people were all so kind to be on the special, but many of them just aren't available. Some of them are dead.

What made you want to come back to the stage after all these years?
Who said I wanted to come back? No, I really did want to come back. It just felt like it was time. I wanted to make a great Pee-wee movie based on all these great characters. I have a script, which I think is fantastic. I always loved this show when I originally did it. I've kept the plot of the show and expanded almost all the rest. Almost 80%, I would say, is new material. And this show was done, as you know, before my kids' show, before the CBS version. So all these puppets and new characters, Chairy and stuff, they weren't in it. I felt like if people came to the show that had seen the television series, they would have wondered, Where's Chairy? so I added all those characters to it.

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